Nexus Summit Professional Posters

Welcome to the Virtual Professional Poster Session in the Nexus Summit 2020! You may view all posters below. Please note that each poster has three elements:

  • Poster video presentation
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  • Comments section

We encourage you to view the poster PDFs and video presentations below. You may interact with poster presenters by clicking on the name of the poster, and adding a comment to the blue comments section at the bottom of each poster page. Poster presenters will be checking their comments sections frequently throughout the meeting to respond to your questions and comments.


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The VIPE site was released a few days into the COVID-19 pandemic. The free site contains asynchronous content to support students establishing and understanding of the various health and health related professions, video interviews with professionals, and several cases, one including COVID-19. These cases and this IPE model have brought healthcare providers and students from around the world together, providing opportunities for connections across professions and…
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