Iliana Staneva, RN, MSN, MBA
Director Cardiovascular and Neuroscience Service Lines
University of Chicago Medicine
Iliana Staneva is the director of cardiovascular and neuroscience service line at the University of Chicago Medicine and helped to implemented the MD/APP-in-Room button on the cardiac surgery service.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

With pressures to improve hospital efficiency, reduce length of stay and decrease readmissions, effective communication among care teams is more important than ever. Improved physician-nurse communication is associated with improved patient experience, outcomes, and staff engagement. Communication on surgical units poses unique challenges due to early rounding by the resident team and difficulty communicating with them while in the OR.   To combat these challenges, we implemented an “MD/APP-in-room” button in patient rooms in May 2019 to send real-time notifications to nursing. Surgical…