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Welcome to the Virtual Interprofessional Student Poster Session in the Nexus Summit 2020! You may view all posters below. Please note that each poster has three elements:

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We encourage you to view the poster PDFs and video presentations below. You may interact with poster presenters by clicking on the name of the poster, and adding a comment to the blue comments section at the bottom of each poster page. Poster presenters will be checking their comments sections frequently throughout the meeting to respond to your questions and comments.

The American Interprofessional Health Collaborative will be awarding one exemplary student poster the Outstanding Student Poster award during the National Center plenary session on August 20, at 3:45 p.m. EDT.


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An increasing complexity of medicine requires an interprofessional team approach. Countless studies have shown the merits of interprofessionalism, though relatively few have analyzed interprofessionalism through a gendered lens. Of those that have, some have found no difference between men and women as they relate to interprofessional skills/attitudes, while others have suggested that women view interprofessionalism more positively than men. No large studies were found comparing…
Feedback is an important aspect of clinical medical education. To be effective and actionable, feedback should be specific,(1,2) although several studies have shown that in practice this is often not accomplished.(3-5) In addition to physician feedback, medical learners are likely interested in(6) and can benefit from(7) interprofessional feedback. While two recent studies have analyzed interprofessional feedback given to medical students, they did not do so in the context of 3rd and 4th…