Our Challenge to You: Invitation from Conference Co-Chairs

Welcome to Nexus Summit 2020!  We have been thinking deeply about this meeting’s major themes, issues and ideas, all of which will be illustrated through more than 90 hours of live and pre-recorded content throughout August and October.  We’ve taken great care to organize the content to support theme-based learning and facilitated dialogue with resources.  Through our platform, you have the tools to customize your learning to meet your personal goals.

Conference Themes

After reading all of the great work in the abstracts, there are four areas of questions that have emerged that are driving our thinking about implications for every day, research questions and policy considerations.

Interprofessional Collaboration
  • In what ways does this work represent advances in interprofessional practice and education?
  • What are we observing about the interaction between "two or more professions learning with, about, and from each other to enhance collaboration and improve health outcomes"?
  • Given the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, how are and can “non-health” professionals and workers (e.g., from housekeeping and security to basic scientists) and other stakeholders be engaged?
Diversity, disparities and equity
  • How can this work contribute to ensuring diversity and equity and reducing disparities?
  • Given the national conversations around race and racism, what are the implications of the Nexus Summit 2020 sessions?
Patients, families, caregivers, communities and populations
  • How is the IPE program and work informed by the “patient/population”? Were patients engaged as “members of the team”? And if so, what were their roles?
  • How will this work inform or move us closer to fully participatory or co-designed interprofessional practice and education with patients and families?
Galvanizing system change
  • Given the magnitude of disruption in the United States and the world in 2020, what are the lessons learned in our collective work that can galvanize systemic changes that we create together?
  • What are the roles leaders can play? How can we create a better future?

We have created a discussion board around each of these four topics and encourage you to think about, contribute to and learn with us as we share and discuss ideas and opportunities to advance interprofessional practice and education in substantive ways through our ongoing work together.

Our Challenge to You

We want to hear from you!  Throughout the Nexus Summit, we encourage you to use the discussion board below to share your ideas and concerns, pose questions about what you are hearing and learning, challenge others with bold ideas about how you see the future from your interprofessional lens.

The National Center team will be moderating and contributing to the dialogue regularly and encourage all attendees to participate together.  The take-aways from the discussion board will contribute to action planning as part of the National Center’s strategic planning throughout fall 2020.

Join the conversations!


Barbara Brandt pic
Barbara Brandt, PhD, FNAP
Director and Co-Chair
Chris Arenson
Christine Arenson, M.D.
Co-Director and Co-Chair