Attendee Guide

The National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education has created a More than a Meeting© platform to promote your active engagement and support you in advancing your learning with, from and about one another.  This unique platform experience includes:

Zoom Test

All presenters should download the latest version of Zoom.  To download Zoom, visit the Zoom Download Center. Learn more about downloading Zoom.

Click here to test your Zoom connection by joining a Zoom test meeting

For additional resources about Zoom, visit the Zoom support center.

MySummit Schedule

More than 90 hours of live and pre-recorded content will be available during Nexus Summit 2020 to support your learning today and into the future. Plan your personal learning experience in advance by creating MySummit Schedule. Simply click by any session to curate a personal collection of sessions important to you.

We encourage you to select the live and pre-recorded sessions that are of interest to you.   The MySummit Schedule will give you access to live sessions as well as the archived links to live sessions following the meeting.  Your personal schedule will be available as an enduring resource to support your learning into the future.

On each day of the Nexus Summit, log into the website and go to My Summit Schedule where you will find all the meeting links to join the sessions that you bookmarked with interest.