Make the most of our “More than a Meeting©” platform.

Expect “More than a Meeting© when you attend Nexus Summit this year!  Our “More than a Meeting©” platform is designed to promote your active engagement and support you in advancing your learning with, from and about one another.  This unique experience includes:

  • Easily searchable index of more than 90 different sessions to create your own personal learning experience.  Find content important to you by searching by themes, authors or key words.  
  • Simply click “Add to my Schedule” by any session to create “My Summit Schedule”, curating your own learning experience with topics important to you.
  • Content experts serving as track leaders, or guides, will facilitate discussions and stimulate thinking, all within the context of the themes being addressed.
  • Learning Guides for each track with targeted learning objectives, reflection questions and additional resources to support your learning journey.
  • Anytime access to pre-recorded poster sessions and lightning talks, ensuring you can access the content when the time is right for you.
  • Exclusive, anytime access to all Nexus Summit content for all Nexus Summit attendees.  Just log into your account to access your favorite resources.