Alicia Williams, MA, CSAC
Director of Faculty Development, Interprofessional Education
East Tennessee State University
Alicia Williams, MA, CSAC is the Director of Faculty Development for Interprofessional Education at East Tennessee State University and works for the Department of Family Medicine at ETSU where she teaches residents and medical students communication skills is working with facutly to develope a behavioral health curriculum. She has also served as a faculty facilitator and assisted in developing curricula for the online and onground IPE programs. She has 20 years experience in community mental health prior to coming to ETSU and is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis at ETSU. She was awarded the Emerging Leader in IPE award at ETSU.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

A standard model of leadership for interprofessional engagement, whether educational or practice based, has not been well defined. Various models of leadership have been suggested as the prototype for interprofessional engagement including transformational, collaborative, shared, collective, and team-based leadership. Servant leadership has been suggested as an appropriate model for interprofessional engagement by some; however, this model has been less widely explored as a viable model. This lightening talk will focus on the mapping of IPE competencies to the Seven Pillars of Servant…
Health care professionals’ education is available using technology that allows learning to occur virtually. In the online environment, learners may not live in the same location, which is challenging for interprofessional education. As an academic health science center that includes five colleges, three of our colleges offer graduate and undergraduate programs 100% online. To meet accreditation standards with online education, innovation is key. In order to meet the needs of online programs, an interprofessional team representing four colleges led the development of an innovative online…