Amanda Worek, MS, CCC-CLLP
MGH Institute of Health Professions
Amanda Worek is an instructor in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders in the School of Health and Rehabi_x000D_ litation Sciences at MGH Institute of Health Professions. She is a licensed speech-language pathologist and practicing telepractiti_x000D_ oner. Amanda's areas of interest include technology in practice, telepractice, clinical education and speech-language disorders acr_x000D_ oss the lifespan.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

The IMPACT Practice Center (IPC), a pro bono clinic with five uniprofessional centers providing student clinical experiences, operates with a collaborative goal of integrating interprofessional education in an evolving collaborative practice environment. The IPC opened in the Fall of 2017 with each center moving its clinical activities to a new shared space and modified its organizational structure in 2019 adding a part-time IPC Director to the existing Directors of the five uniprofessional centers and Practice Manager. This structure created an interprofessional leadership model that…