Angela Cruz, BA
IMPACT Practice Center, Practice Manager
MGH Institute of Health Professions
Angela Cruz-Guzmán is Practice Manager a t the IPC. Prior to this, she served as Program Coordinator for the Department of Physical Therapy. Angela manages the Center’s daily operations: scheduling clients, communicating with students and faculty, assisting with patient accommodations and transportation, interacting with families, and managing Graduate Assistants. She works with program faculty to coordinate client activities to meet accreditation and curriculum standards for each program, and to coordinate interprofessional client-related activities across programs. Before coming to the Institute Angela provided programmatic and administrative support in academic and legal organizations in Puerto Rico.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

The IMPACT Practice Center (IPC), a pro bono clinic with five uniprofessional centers providing student clinical experiences, operates with a collaborative goal of integrating interprofessional education in an evolving collaborative practice environment. The IPC opened in the Fall of 2017 with each center moving its clinical activities to a new shared space and modified its organizational structure in 2019 adding a part-time IPC Director to the existing Directors of the five uniprofessional centers and Practice Manager. This structure created an interprofessional leadership model that…