Anika Kumar, BS
Research Assistant
Boston Medical Center
Anika Kumar has supported BU CHAMPs’ research initiatives for two years as a Research Assistant in the Boston Medical Center Department of Family Medicine. Her lead on qualitative research methods for the BU CHAMPs program highlights the nuances of team building, patient experience, and interprofessional clinical practice. Her educational background in Community Health and Psychology lends her to pursue evidence-based and community-oriented research. Prior to Anika’s experience with BU CHAMPs, she worked at Tufts University and Massachusetts General Hospital applying herself in spaces dedicated to addressing health disparities and improving health systems.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

In traditional clinical learning environments (CLEs), providers work alongside one another with noted power differentials. The Boston University Community Health Alliance of Medical Professionals (BU CHAMPs) equips the next generation of providers with core interprofessional skills including communication, roles and responsibilities, and teamwork to address siloed clinical training and reduce health disparities for underserved populations experiencing chronic disease and social stressors. With funding from Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA T0BHP30021), BU CHAMPs facilitates…