Ann Willingham, RN
Unit Director 6G General Medicine
Emory University Hospital
I work on a medical unit where there are many learners and there are many opportunities to develop communication tools to better prescribe safe patient care especially in regard to discharge education and providing for identified needs in a more efficient manner. We have started working on a more streamlined discharge rounding process and feel that working in a team approach could improve length of stay and reduce readmissions. The opportunity to develop Interprofessional teamwork earlier with nursing and medicine students could provide real time benefit in the long run for both the healthcare team and ultimately the patient.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

The project objective is to develop an inter-professional learning experience within the acute care setting built around IPEC competencies. The project has three aims: 1) develop an inter-professional learning experience around care transitions within the acute care setting, 2) evaluate the impact on perceptions of teamwork and professional role formation among nursing and medical students, and 3) assess facilitators and barriers within the clinical setting to sustained implementation with repeated cohorts of students.    The project consists of pairing medical and nursing students with a…