Beth Barrett, MSW, LCSW
Assistant Clinical Professor, Director Field Education MSW and BSSW Programs
SLU College of Public Health and Social Justice
Beth S. Barrett, MSW, LCSW, is Director of Field Education and an Assistant Clinical Professor for Saint Louis University’s_x000D_ School of Social Work. She manages the MSW and BSSW Field Education programs as well as teaches courses in social work_x000D_ clinical skills, end-of-life, grief, and integrative practice seminar. Her clinical experience includes interdisciplinary work with_x000D_ children, adolescents, and adults facing life-threatening illness, as well as their families, from diagnosis through death and_x000D_ bereavement. From her experience in clinical practice, Beth’s educational focus is on social work skill building and professional_x000D_ development through integrating students’ classroom learning with their field education.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Saint Louis University (SLU) integrated IPE learning into baccalaureate Nursing and Health Sciences programs in 2006 as aConcentration in IP Practice, and Minor in IP Practice in 2011. SLU IPE has consistently focused on IPP to advance the Triple Aim,and now the Quadruple Aim. This initiative expands the professions, faculty, learners and community partners involved to addressbig-topic issues in our community, regionally, and nationally. SLU has recently approved a new Core Curriculum framework. Toenhance sustainability of IPE programs at the undergraduate level, this committee of four…