Cara Lunsford, RN
Founder and CEO, HOLLIBLU, Inc.

Cara Lunsford began her nurse career in pediatric oncology at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles in 2008. She first discovered an interest in oncology when she worked as a sign language interpreter at Cal State Northridge, interpreting the Biology of Cancer class two semesters in a row. It was that class that put her on her path to become a nurse. As a nurse she witnessed, and experienced first hand, the level of burnout that was happening in the profession. She worked with her co-workers to create the first Supportive Care Committee aimed at providing a safe and supportive place for caregivers to cope with the stress of their job. Life eventually took Cara into a variety of other nurse professions, including home health, infusion nursing, hospice, private duty and a Director of Nursing role at a concierge home health in Los Angeles. With a wide variety of experience under her belt, she noticed that there were many pain points in the industry; nurses were in need of a supportive community and companies needed help with retention and recruiting. As Cara was driving to see one of her many home health patients, an idea came to her: a piece of technology that would not only improve retention and recruiting efforts for healthcare companies but would also create a supportive community for nurses. On this day, HOLLIBLU was born. A company that is dedicated to building a vibrant community where nurses THRIVE, because when nurses thrive, so does the industry in which they serve.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Since 2018, the Nexus Summit has been planned in part by a panel of “super” patients, who have substantial experience with the United States health care system. Through their long-term and varied experiences as recipients of care, they share keen observations about what works and doesn’t work, how they have been engaged and respected (or haven’t been), whether their care is coordinated, and if their health professionals are truly a team - one including them. Patients and advocates Ted Meyer and Shelley Cohen Konrad help to curate the conversation and bring to light themes and trends from…