Cristina Grijalva, MD
Associate Professor
University of Texas Health San Antonio
Dr. Grijalva is an associate professor at UT Health Long School of Medicine, working clinically in Emergency Medicine. Over my years in emergency medicine, she has seen conflict born from the lack of appropriate training on how to communicate or understand other’s professions. This perspective is helpful in designing IPE activities. As Co-Director for the Clinical Skills Module at Long School of Medicine, she has redesigned the Clinical Skill’s curriculum and created learning activities based on student surveys, current research on adult learners, and module objectives. With her co-director, she has incorporated other IPE activities in the Clinical Skills Module.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

The oral health examination is proposed to be essential to medical education and a Healthy People 2020 indicator, though not routinely taught. The schools of medicine and dentistry implemented the Head, Ears, Nose, Oral health, Throat (HENOT) and Cranial Nerve (CN) Interprofessional Education (IPE) Activity with the aim to assess medical and dental student perceptions of the effectiveness of an IPE experience and attitudes toward integrating oral and cranial nerve examinations into the healthcare curriculum.   Teams of medical and dental students completed online pre-activities and…