Cynthia Nash, RN, BSN
Operations Manager
Duluth Family Medicine Clinic
Cynthia Nash RN, BSN is the Duluth Family Medicine Clinic Ambulatory Supervisor who facilitates operations, collaboration, communication, and navigating logistics (e.g. electronic health record access, billing and compensation). Her Bachelors of Science in Nursing Degree was received from Montana State University in 1996. Experience has been obtained through hospital, ambulatory clinic, and Community Health nursing. She started working at Essentia Health in 2005, and joined the Duluth Family Medicine Clinic in 2014.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Background Patients with severe mental illness often lack care coordination between primary care and mental health providers. Siloed patient care across separate healthcare systems can negatively impact quality and safety of patient care. Team-based care is integral in the effective management of patients with multiple comorbidities, with the family medicine physician central in coordinating holistic care. Family medicine residency programs must provide models of effective interprofessional collaboration and mental health treatment to prepare residents to navigate an evolving healthcare…