D. Micah Hester, PhD
D. Micah Hester, PhD, is chair of the Department of Medical Humanities & Bioethics in the College of Medicine at UAMS with a secondary appointment in pediatrics. Dr. Hester has taught ethics in healthcare settings for over 20 years and is clinical ethicist at 2 hosptials in Little Rock, AR.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an opportunity to intermingle real-life crisis decision-making with team skill building using IPE methodology. During this online, IPE competence workshop, students from colleges of medicine, nursing, pharmacy, public health, and health professions created proposals to address needs in the time of COVID-19, focusing on family life, vulnerable populations, societal wellness, and supply chain. In order to stimulate better understanding of system-based considerations and others’ professional responsibilities during a pandemic, students were assigned to a variety…