David Pole, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor/Director, Center for Interprofessional Education & Research
Saint Louis University School of Medicine
Dr. Pole directs IPE/CP programs, teaching and research at the SLU Medical Center. He brings experience of healthcare teamwork from private, non-profit, and academic settings. He earned his MPH in Community Health and PhD in Education Studies in curriculum and evaluation. SLU IPE includes a Concentration and Minor in IPP at the undergraduate level and he is course director for IP Team Seminars at the graduate level, including 9 professions. Recent focus is professional development in IP Practice and Team-Based Care at SLU hospital and ambulatory practices. He is a mentor in the current AIHC Mentor Program.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

As a newly appointed IPE Coordinator within my college I had two primary goals: first, expand the integration of IPE themes and competencies within courses that I am teaching, and second, develop an actionable plan to expand the IPE program within the College of Optometry in collaboration with other health professions programs at UMSL and within the St. Louis region. The AIHC Mentoring Program enabled me to step back and engage in ongoing discussions of what I wanted to create. It allowed me to envision the longer-term goal in development of IPE within my college and a framework for engaging…
Saint Louis University (SLU) integrated IPE learning into baccalaureate Nursing and Health Sciences programs in 2006 as a Concentration in IP Practice, and Minor in IP Practice in 2011. SLU IPE has consistently focused on IPP to advance the Triple Aim, and now the Quadruple Aim. This initiative expands the professions, faculty, learners and community partners involved to address big-topic issues in our community, regionally, and nationally. SLU has recently approved a new Core Curriculum framework. To enhance sustainability of IPE programs at the undergraduate level, this committee of…