Gina Firnhaber, PhD, RN
Assistant Clinical Professor
Eastern Carolina University
Gina C. Firnhaber, PhD, RN is Assistant Clinical Professor with the College of Nursing of East Carolina University where her primary role is providing student support for Doctor of Nursing Practice projects within the Nurse Anesthesia Program. Her nursing experience includes providing direct patient care, as both an RN and a Family Nurse Practitioner, in a wide variety of acute and primary care settings. She is also an experienced academic health sciences librarian.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

There is strong evidence for taking an interprofessional, team-based approach in the treatment and management of obesity. Less clearis the training received by different health professions and how well prepared teams are to provide high-quality interprofessional carein obesity treatment and management. The purpose of this study was to explore which professions make up obesity treatment teams,these healthcare professionals’ roles, training received by different team members, and the interprofessional interactions among theseproviders. Individual interviews were conducted with a convenience…