Heather Ontiveros, DHSc, ATC, PA-C
Director of Clinical Education - Physician Assistant
California Baptist University
Dr. Ontiveros has been a practicing Physician Assistant in Southern California, specifically Riverside and Temecula Valley area, for 10 years, specializing in campus health, emergency medicine, and urgent care. She currently serves as an Associate Professor and Director of Clinical Education for California Baptist University Physician Assistant Program. In her leadership Heather has demonstrated dedication, passion and commitment about interprofessional education through research, scholarship and educating students in providing quality, efficient patient care. She has provided leadership to many interdisciplinary faculty collaborators in the realm of interprofessional education within and outside of CBU .

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

California Baptist University’s (CBU) health profession programs recognize the international call for integration of interprofessional education competencies to prepare students for collaborative practice. Called2Collaborate, CBU’s IPE leadership team, engage, educate and mentor faculty to integrate interprofessional curricula, learning experiences and learning assessments across health-related disciplines at California Baptist University and in the community. One proposed approach to improving health professionals’ abilities to work effectively in teams is to integrate the required…