Iris Chao, BScOT
Master student
University of Alberta
Ms. Iris Chao has a degree of Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy. Currently, she is studying a Master of Science program in Rehabilitation Science at the University of Alberta, Canada. Her research interest is interprofessional education and assessment. She is now working on a project regarding the application of the single-point rubric and its educational impact in IPE, and another project (an umbrella review) that relates to the use of objective assessment in IPE, assessment literacy, and constructive alignment in IP curricular plan.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Much attention has focused on the development of standardized instruments to assess competencies for collaborative practice in interprofessional education (IPE). However, standardized scales provide limited meaningful feedback to enhance student interprofessional learning. To address this issue, a single-point rubric was developed to support the provision of structured narrative feedback to students in competency-based assessments (CBAs). This research aims to 1) develop and pilot a single-point rubric for assessing health profession students’ interprofessional competencies, and 2) evaluate…