Jenny Jessen, EdD RN
Accelerated Nursing Program faculty chair
Creighton University College of Nursing
Dr. Jennifer Jessen EdD, MSN, RN is Accelerated Faculty Chair on the Omaha Campus at Creighton University College of Nursing. Dr. Jessen has been in nursing education since 2011, teaching foundational nursing, spiritual and cultural care, advanced medical surgical nursing, and senior preceptorship. Dr. Jessen’s practice area includes perioperative nursing with the majority of her nursing practice career spent in intraoperative nursing. She has recently accepted a position in the Center for Interprofessional Education and Research (CIPER) as the Director of Assessment. Dr Jessen’s research interests include perioperative nursing education and its intersections with interprofessional team dynamics.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

This presentation aligns with the theme of Centering IPE around people/patient, families, caregivers and communities because it addresses a global health problem that affects people in all walks of life - the opioid epidemic - and seeks to prepare health professions students with an understanding of the complex nature of the opioid use disorder, its impact on individuals, patients, families and the community, and solutions to this crisis in order to improve outcomes. This IPE activity was developed as an interprofessional initiative and engages students in medicine, dental, nursing, EMS, and…