Professor, Chair and Program Director
Lincoln Memorial Univeristy-Department of Social Work
Kay C. Paris, Professor of Social Work, has had a full-time appointment to the Social Work program since beginning her teaching career at LMU in 1987. She worked in community mental health, crisis management, and sexual/substance abuse recovery before teaching at LMU. In addition to the MSSW, an MS in adult education, and an MSLS in library science, Dr. Paris earned a Ph.D. in social work from the University of Tennessee. During her 30 plus years of teaching, she has taught all social work courses and supervised field placements; she currently focuses on practice and research.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Research and practice wisdom demonstrate that health outcomes require more than simply prescribing the right medication for a disease. A wide variety of patient, family, caregiver, and community factors ranging from medication costs to high risk home situations may hinder desired outcomes and even lead to premature death. A pilot project was developed by health professions faculty from two schools to teach social determinants of health outcomes. Programs involved included pharmacy (PharmD), medical (PA, DO), nursing (FNP), social work (BSSW), and physical therapy (DPT). The pilot utilized…