Madison Guevara
Medical Student
Medical College of Wisconsin
Madison Guevara, BS, is a fourth-year medical student at the Medical College of Wisconsin. She believes that all healthcare workers are able to provide quality patient care through their own expertise and that interprofessional education sessions throughout the medical school curriculum provides students with the opportunity to learn how to professionally engage with their health professional peers. She is a part of the Clinician Educator Pathway program at MCW and hopes to work in an academic institution as a future endocrinologist.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Interdisciplinary healthcare teams have become essential in the management of increasingly complex patient care. Personal bias towards other health professions may impede a healthcare team’s ability to provide efficient patient care, despite the recognition by these professionals that collaboration is vital. It has been reported that healthcare students may hold prejudices against students of other health professional programs as early as the first year in their degree program. Our project aims to assess if first-year pharmacy and medical students hold bias towards one another based on their…