Nicholas Hudak, MPA, MSEd, PA-C
Assistant Director of Interprofessional Education and Care; Associate Professor
Duke University School of Medicine
The lead author is PA and health professionns educator with 10 years' of experience at an academic medical center in the role of clinical coordinator. The lead author has also been involved in interprofessional education (IPE) across of variety of clinical and non-clinical settings. Additionally, the lead author is an assistant director at his institution's Center for Interprofessional Education and Care. The author has also received grant funding to conduct educational research related to IPE.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

The COVID-19 pandemic brought impromptu consequences for all aspects of academic healthcare, including interprofessional (IP) collaborative practice. At Duke Health, leadership across the campus provided support to establish a Center for Interprofessional Education and Care (IPEC). A leadership team composed of representatives from medicine, nursing, PA, and PT programs, was hired in January 2020 to launch the Center and conduct a strategic planning process. This planned inaugural process included review of the current state in each program and a group analysis of strengths, weaknesses,…
Background: Interprofessional education (IPE) is a major priority for health professions education programs preparing learners for professional team-based practice. Clinical settings have been recognized as the ideal context for learners’ development of interprofessional attitudes and competencies. A recent IPE practice guideline for interprofessional teaching concludes “faculty development to enhance existing skills is desirable and should combine a hands-on workshop with demonstration and feedback involving different professions”. At our institution, clinician-educators have limited…