Nina Karamehmedovic, BA
Project Manager
Arizona State University
Nina Karamehmedovic, BA, is the Project Manager for the ASU Center for Advancing Interprofessional Practice, Education and Research (CAIPER). In this role, she contributes to the overall administrative and programing oversight and is responsible for managing training and development grant activities. With background in linguistics and education, her career spans program and project management in non-profit, public healthcare and educational settings with professional focus on initiatives which support access to services for diverse and underserved populations.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

The Clinical Learning Environment (CLE) plays an essential role in preparing students for transition to professional roles and practice. For experienced clinicians and team members, the CLE offers continuous learning and an enlarged space for practice improvement and innovation. The CLE is particularly important for modeling and improving teamwork and collaboration. At present, there are limited distance teaching materials designed to orient students and clinicians together for optimal team performance. In this seminar, we share findings from our research on student and clinician…
The complexity and unpredictability of health care today requires that we take a close look at leadership training and ask: How well are we preparing students and current practitioners to lead interprofessional teams and optimize team performance? Leading interprofessional healthcare teams is a unique and challenging undertaking. It requires navigating across diverse cultures and mediating through age-old hierarchies. Keeping team members focused on common goals and working toward high quality, value and a great patient and provider experience (Quadruple Aim anyone?) is not for the faint of…