Olivia Anderson, PhD, RD
Clinical Assistant Professor
University of Michigan
Dr. Liv Anderson is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Nutritional Sciences and a registered dietitian. She earned a MPH in Human Nutrition and a PhD in Environmental Health Sciences. Previously, as a research associate at UM’s Center for Research on Learning and Teaching, she focused on assessment of novel pedagogical techniques and program/unit evaluation strategies. Her current research focuses on 1) novel and efficient assessment and evaluation techniques at the micro- and macro-level, 2) self-directed learning and metacognition skill-building in the public health curriculum, and 3) the implication of the public health discipline to interprofessional education, practice, and care.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

The impact of introductory experiences on student attitudes about IPE has been demonstrated in a variety of institutional settings and health science professions. Typically, the effectiveness of IPE experiences has been assessed within a single cohort. The aim of this study was to investigate the potential effect of cohort on student attitudes about IPE following an online introductory IPE course delivered to different student cohorts.  At the University of Michigan, an introductory online IPE course was delivered to students in 10 health science schools in Fall 2018 (n=993) and Fall 2019 (n…