Rachael Stone, PharmD candidate
Pharmacy Student 4th year
University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy
Rachael is in her fourth year of pharmacy school at the University of Kentucky. She has been involved in various interprofessional programs through the CIHE during her time in pharmacy school. She has held leadership positions in interprofessional student organizations, served as a student mentor for activities involving new professional students, and collaborated with the Center on a research study looking at the impact interprofessional programming has on student development.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

The Center for Interprofessional Health Education (CIHE) was created in 2010 with student groups emerging as part of the co-curricular offerings early on. CIHE student groups offer a place where the passions and interests of the students are put in the spot light. Extracurricular organizations are often a place for students to learn and experience things that may not be included in their professional curriculum. In this way, student groups are a vital supplement to professional programs. In early 2018 an initiative was brought forward to formalize our involvement with the campus and required…