Sheri Wainscott, PhD, RN, CNE
Clinical Assistant Professor
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
Sheri Wainscott, PhD, RN, CNE, is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center and the Director of the VA Nurse Academy Program. She teaches interprofessionally with OU College of Medicine and OU College of Allied Health. _x000D_ Sheri has served as a committee member of the campus-wide Interprofessional Educators and Practitioners Association (IEPA). She is currently a facilitator for an on-going interprofessional education experience at the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

The purpose of this presentation is to describe a pilot project designed to improve student preparation for working together in the interprofessional clinical environment. When patients and families report that their care seems disorganized, it is often due to inefficiency resulting from an unfamiliarity with what each member can contribute. Often, this apparent inefficiency is really a reflection of the team's lack of familiarity with the scope and depth of each other's professional practice. When professional programs provide silo-based learning experiences, it creates students who have…