Giving Feedback

Thursday, October 8, 2020, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT

The role of feedback in teamwork is paradoxical. While feedback is a critical component of developing and sustaining teamwork, it is also one of the most uncomfortable responsibilities that we have as individual team members, educators, or leaders. Feedback conversations can stimulate higher levels of thinking, contribute to deeper learning, and impact future performance in teams. However, opportunities for developing, refining and evaluating such skills are few. This one-hour online workshop will engage participants in deliberate practice learning how to give feedback in interprofessional settings and discuss techniques for evaluating the quality of feedback.


Learning Objectives

1) Participants will discuss key concepts to consider when giving feedback on feedback to interprofessional students or providers

2) Participants will learn how to use the Pre-Think Chart and the “Feedback Rubric” in preparation for giving feedback interprofessional students or providers

3) Participants will practice giving feedback on feedback to interprofessional educators


A significant component of clinical interprofessional learning that parallels rigorous IPE is the reflective feedback conversation that occurs between instructor and learner(s) during or after clinical or educational experiences. A feedback conversation is a reflective dialogue that focuses on comparing actual performance to desired performance through the exploration and analysis of learner thoughts and actions. It incorporates guided critical reflection and learner self-assessment to identify and address learning gaps through a mutually engaging and psychologically safe dialogue. Reflective feedback conversations can stimulate higher levels of thinking, contribute to deeper learning, and impact future performance.


As attendees of this NEXUS conference are being positioned to lead IPE activities in their own institutions, this workshop highlights the important role of feedback in IPE and provides tools for effective feedback. The Workshop is comprised of snippets of education and activities from a 6 week (3 university unit credit) intense online Feedback Course offered at the Center for Medical Simulation. Past program evaluations from this workshop and from the course module indicates that the concepts and activities presented in this workshop are transformative and applicable to individual practice, extending into other unintended areas of daily life.


We have provided this workshop online in zoom and this is how we have presented and engaged:

Time Workshop Sections How participants will be engaged

0 min Faculty will facilitate interprofessional small groups upon entry.

5 min Intro to feedback and workshop Establishing expectations

5 min Introductions in small groups Creating communities of practice

5 min Activate prior experience Activating prior experience and group sharing

10 min Activity + Debriefing Large group exercise into small group debriefings

10 min Intro to concepts in feedback, IPE, and workshop Given tools to practice

20 min Simulation in trios Practice Anatomy of a Feedback Conversation in small groups post simulated feedback. Receive feedback from peers and expert faculty

5 min Take Aways & Q&A Summarize and Reflect toward future action