Lightning Talk

Pre-planning: Unintended Benefits

Thursday, October 1, 2020, 1:05 pm - 2:05 pm EDT

The Creighton University IPE curriculum is a distributed model in which each health science students must complete 3 IPE Passport activities before graduation. Some activities are embedded in the curriculum while others are menu-based. One challenge of this distributed model is that there are variables that cannot be controlled by the IPE Center. Examples include student illness on the day an IPE activity or a student failing to complete a mandatory portion of the activity. Because these variables could negatively impact a student’s ability to graduate, the IPE Center pre-planned a back-up activity. This activity is a one-hour, online, synchronous patient-centered case and panel discussion that is executed several weeks prior to graduation. For the first offering spring 2020, we developed a concussion/dental injury football case involving a minor, his family and the healthcare team. Students were tasked to develop a patient-centered plan that included transitions in care: field, ED, rehabilitation, outpatient dental, home, and school. This activity became essential when our in-person activities were cancelled due to COVID-19. In the inaugural execution, the activity had 111 learners from 8 professions including dental (4.5%), EMS (14.4%), medicine (8.1%), nursing graduate (3.6%), nursing undergraduate (41.4%), occupational therapy (5.4%), pharmacy (1.8%), physical therapy (2.7%), and physician assistant (18 %). Post activity surveys indicated that 95% of students agreed or strongly agreed that the as a result of the activity, they will use skills gained in practice and 96% agreed or strongly agreed that it was a valuable learning experience. This lighting talk will provide discuss the development, facilitation and assessment of this patient-center online, synchronous activity.