Understanding Interprofessional Professional Identity: Commonalities and Connections Among Nursing, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy

Tuesday, October 13, 2020, 2:15 pm - 3:15 pm EDT

Understanding Interprofessional Professional Identity: Commonalities and Connections among nursing, medicine, veterinary medicine and pharmacy

The current trend toward competency-based education within the health professions is exposing this approach’s limitation in terms of developing the professional identities of burgeoning health professionals both individually and collectively. This interactive presentation will begin with the findings of an extensive review of professional identity literature within nursing, medicine, veterinary medicine, and pharmacy, and then will lead the learners in discovering how, based on these findings, a more comprehensive understanding of professional identity can contribute to better care, better value and better education in both practice and community settings. The focus of the work in this interactive session will be on applying and leading this work in various clinical learning environments.

1. Learners will be able to identify commonalities and connections regarding professional identity among nursing, medicine, veterinary medicine and pharmacy.

2. Learners will apply research findings to specific (case study) clinical learning environment scenarios

3. Learners will build new knowledge together by highlighting the most important features of the research that should be added to clinical learning environment mentoring and leading materials

4. Learners will develop specific learning outcomes from this research that will reflect specific measurable products of a focus on interprofessional professional identity in these four health professions.

Planned interactive activities include: role playing, small group discussion questions, and the development of specific actionable learning outcomes that can incorporate new knowledge from the research.


I. Introduction to the concept from an interprofessional viewpoint (10”)

II. Review of the synthesis of the research literature (10”)

III. in small group breakouts, leaners will apply the research findings to case studies and discuss in the small group and then the larger group. Role play may be used here. (15”)

IV. Small groups will again meet to identify the most important findings and brainstorm ways to bring this new knowledge forward (10”)

V. different constellation of group members will gather to each determine an actionable learning outcome/product based on their understanding re: applying the findings (5”)

VI. Summary and Q&A (10”)