Using Simulation to Bring a Video-based Character to Life in Order Teach Interprofessional Skills in Opioid Misuse Assessment and Management

Thursday, August 20, 2020, 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm EDT
opioid/substance abusecontinuum - students and residentscliniciansAHEC/ruralacademic-community partnershipsimulation

The opioid epidemic has brought to light the many challenges health care professionals face to properly assess and manage opioid misuse. Although many professionals feel adequately equipped to respond to an opioid overdose, some feel less equipped to help the patient manage addiction. The purpose of our program is to

1) Discuss the current opioid epidemic and its effects on not only the patient, but each individual health care provider

2) Explore a simulation based training methodology which may be utilized by both student and practitioner learners

3) Assess a simulation-based video for critical behavior performance as well as team

dynamic behaviors

During the program, participants will first be introduced to the challenges health care providers face when treating patients with opioid use disorders. They will then explore a program that was developed for interprofessional students in order to help with the management of patients with opioid use disorders and which allowed them to work both from the scope of their profession as well as interprofessionally. The program incorporated assessments which measured the ability to treat patients appropriately as well as teamwork aspects. The program was also modified to be used within the community in Florida AHEC programs across the state. For the second half of the seminar, participants will have an opportunity to assess two simulation videos from the program from two aspects: 1) teamwork skills and 2) opioid management critical behaviors. Participants will then compare their assessment to the presenters' assessments and discuss the comparisons. This project was funded the Shands Quasi Endowment.