Caroline Coleman, MD
Internal Medicine resident
Emory University
Caroline Coleman, MD graduated from Emory University School of Medicine in May 2020 and will be starting as an Internal Medicine resident at Emory in July 2020. Prior to medical school, she received her BA in Economics from the University of Georgia as a Foundation Fellow. Her interests include medical education, interprofessional projects, and working with underserved patients in resource-limited environments.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Introduction: Every year in the United States, more than 5.7 million patients are admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU), of which 25-50% develop ICU-acquired weakness (ICU-AW), defined as new onset weakness that occurs during critical illness. Patients with ICU-AW have worse outcomes including increased mortality, longer hospitalizations, worse quality of life years after they leave the ICU, and greater healthcare costs. Early mobilization is a low-risk strategy associated with improvement in ICU-AW, and society guidelines recommend a multidisciplinary approach, including physical…
Winner of the 2020 Nexus Summit Interprofessional Student Achievement Award   Background: Atlanta Interprofessional Student Hotspotting (AISH) is a student-run volunteer organization that partners with Grady Health System (Grady) to enable multidisciplinary student teams to engage in non-clinical care for high-need, high-cost (HNHC) patients. HNHC patients have had greater than or equal to 5 emergency department visits or greater than or equal to 2 inpatient admissions at Grady in the previous 12 months due to greater than or equal to 2 decompensated chronic conditions. Nationally,…