Jordan Utley, PhD, LAT, ATC
Interprofessional Education Consultant
Dr. Utley is a certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) who is a health professions educatior with over 20 years in higher education administration. She recently designed a Master of Health Science program to expand the role of the athletic trainer on the interprofessional healthcare team by offering training in informatics, teaching & learning and executive leadership. Acting as an IPE consultant, Dr. Utley was instrumental in launching an IPE effort at a prominent Health Sciences institution and aligns her research agenda with studying the effectiveness of IPE across systems in higher education to create behavioral change in practicing clinicians.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

This talk presents a model for assessing the efficacy of interprofessional education (IPE) pedagogies across post-professional students’ degree pathways. The model includes initial assessment benchmarks, course-based installations, mid-program assessments, and final assessment benchmarks at graduation. Examples of signature IPE assignments and assessment tools will be shared, alongside an overall glimpse of the curriculum mapping across programs that supports the model. Connections will be made between the IPE assessments and work-place readiness for interprofessional collaborative practice.…
The proposed session addresses the evaluation of learners utilizing survey research methodology common in interprofessional education. The collection of beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors using the pre-post survey methodology may be a flawed approach to assessing the impact of interprofessional education, thereby adding to the inconsistent findings in the literature to date. Interprofessional education has yet to be widely adopted by health professions educators and health systems, as the current findings do not support its effectiveness.   This session will postulate on why the historical…