Lightning Talk

Survey Research in Interprofessional Education: Benefits of the Retrospective Pretest

Thursday, October 22, 2020, 1:15 pm - 2:15 pm EDT

The proposed session addresses the evaluation of learners utilizing survey research methodology common in interprofessional education. The collection of beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors using the pre-post survey methodology may be a flawed approach to assessing the impact of interprofessional education, thereby adding to the inconsistent findings in the literature to date. Interprofessional education has yet to be widely adopted by health professions educators and health systems, as the current findings do not support its effectiveness.


This session will postulate on why the historical data on the efficacy of interprofessional education is inconclusive, followed by a review of survey design methodologies pertinent to the study of interprofessional education. In addition this session will present the pros and cons of survey research in interprofessional education and introduce the impact of overestimation, response shift bias and social desirability response bias on research findings.


While the proposed session centers on selecting the appropriate survey research methodology to assess beliefs, attitudes and behavioral following interprofessional education, it is critical to understanding how educational offerings and systems in practice and community settings impact better care and better value for participants in those systems.