Shelene Thomas, PT, DPT, EdD
Associate Professor
Regis University
Dr. Thomas completed her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Creighton University and returned over a decade later to complete a Doctorate of Education with an emphasis in Interdisciplinary Leadership. Since then, her interest in interprofessional (IP) education has been heightened. This interest has led to positions on a National IP Education Committee, a mentor in the American IP Healthcare Collaborative, and as IP Coordinator at Regis University. Research interest lie in areas of IP practice and clinical education. Shelene holds a Geriatric Certified Specialist by APTA and a Team Lead reviewer for the Commission of Accreditation of Physical Therapy Education.

Presenting at the Nexus Summit:

Background: Current research suggests that students within healthcare education often lack understanding of the roles and responsibilities of other healthcare practitioners and have limited interprofessional collaborative practice (IPCP).1 Students from programs that do incorporate interprofessional education (IPE) tend to lose their interprofessional values once they leave the classroom.2 This research aims to determine how other health care providers assess DPT students’ ability to work interprofessionally in different settings using the Interprofessional Professionalism Assessment (IPA).…
To meet the demands for an evolving interprofessional (IP) healthcare practice, health profession (HP) students are expected to learn about, from, and with each other through interprofessional education (IPE) initiatives in their educational settings. The Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC) was formed among Regis University’s five Health Professions Schools and Divisions with fundamental goals to facilitate team-based healthcare approaches, to optimize healthcare outcomes and to guide curricula. Formed in 2009, the IPEC encouraged influential partnerships in the academic setting…