Professional Poster

IPE REPS: Reflect, Engage, Practice, & Summarize for Better Patient Outcomes

Thursday, August 6, 2020, 10:00 am - 10:00 am EDT

Background: Longitudinal feedback from students collected by The Campbell University Office of IPE (CUIPE) has indicated a need for direct learning pertaining to the roles and responsibilities of the different health sciences professionals on the healthcare team. In response, CUIPE created a new event called REPS: Reflect, Engage, Practice, & Summarize, which would give students the much-needed opportunity to increase their understanding of the roles and responsibilities of various healthcare professionals. The aims of this event included: Increase student understanding of other health professions represented at the university; provide students the opportunity to apply new understanding in interactive components; give students space to reflect on their changes in understanding; enable students with the ability to explain the roles and responsibilities of other professions and how a team works together to provide care, promote health, and prevent disease.


Design: IPE REPS is named for its four central components: Reflect, Engage, Practice, and Summarize. Each component is designed to increase and strengthen student understanding of the roles and responsibilities of each profession represented by the programs of CPHS and CUSOM. Each component includes its own goals and activities, which will be described in the poster.


Methodology: Each component listed above featured extensive data collection from discussion responses provided by students.


Results: Data collected from each component indicated an overall positive impact. Results include:

- Increase of confidence in other students’ understanding of profession: 3.1 to 2.7

- Increase of confidence in collaborating with other students: 4.0 to 4.2

- Professions selected by students for further learning, in order of preference: (1) Public Health, (2) Osteopathic Medicine, (3) Clinical Research, (4) Pharmaceutical Sciences, (5) Physician Assistant, (6) Physical Therapy, (7) Pharmacy, (8) Nursing

-Aggregate increase in confidence levels of understanding of specific professions: Confident to Very Confident: 47% to 72%; Somewhat Confident: 54% to 21%; Little to No Confidence: 20% to 7%

- Increase in confidence levels of understanding of specific professions will also be listed

- Word cloud representations of student responses will be provided


Conclusions: Based on results, the IPE Office was reassured that the event successfully increased students’ understanding of the various professions on the healthcare team, enabling students to more successfully contribute to interprofessional collaboration.


Reflections/Implications: The IPE Office will be holding REPS as an annual event, and plans to use specific student responses to adjust the event activities and prepare for future in-person events.