Lightning Talk

A Three-year Evaluation of an IPE Facilitator Certification Process

Tuesday, October 6, 2020, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT

Interprofessional education within large health science centers involves teams of interprofessional facilitators co-facilitating events where two or more learners from different professions learn about, from and with each other. To accomplish this, a bank of engaged faculty trained to co-facilitate these IPE learning events is needed. A training and certification process for faculty to build their facilitation skills for IPE events was created. This process included interprofessional team-based active learning experiences just like students experience. The process includes three steps for certification: completion of a foundational awareness 1-hour learning event, completion of a 3-hour workshop to build facilitation skills, and then live student event participation consisting of first shadowing and then co-leading an IPE student activity with an experienced facilitator (structured, confidential feedback was provided). Successful completion yields an IPE Facilitator certification within the institution. IPE Master Facilitator certification is also available, requiring this process with co-leading three different types of events and receiving feedback with each. Value of the certification to support teaching and service responsibilities was enhanced by obtaining support from the Deans of all 5 Colleges and the Graduate School. The opportunity for certification was advertised across colleges at live events as well as via emailed faculty development invitations. Results of the implementation of each stage of this certification process over the first three years of implementation will be summarized, as well as a survey of facilitators about their overall experience and ongoing training needs. including numbers of participants across the colleges, attendee satisfaction ratings, and assessment of impact on facilitators. Key successes and lessons learned will be highlighted.