Lightning Talk

What is Your Confidence Level? Assessing Student Self-efficacy on the IPEC Core Competencies in Classroom-based IPE Activities

Tuesday, October 6, 2020, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT

Although interprofessional education (IPE) is an essential component to building effective interprofessional practices, gaps remain in identifying effective measures to assess student learning and skill development in classroom-based IPE activities. Further, a literature gap exists regarding best practices on assessing student achievement of the Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC) Core Competencies. As programs implement didactic IPE activities, more information is needed on effective assessment strategies. This session will describe an assessment initiative at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill evaluating student self-efficacy on the IPEC Core Competencies before and after classroom-based IPE activities.


Third-year pharmacy, third-year dental, and second-year dental hygiene students participate in a classroom-based IPE case collaboration activity designed by a multidisciplinary team. Historically, students anecdotally shared that this collaboration enhanced their understanding of other health professions, their own discipline, and how various professions can best learn about, from, and with each other. To systematically collect and evaluate this feedback, a need was identified for an effective assessment strategy to evaluate the impact of an interprofessional case collaboration on student development of the IPEC Core Competencies.


A survey was developed measuring student confidence in performing each IPEC Core Competency using a 6-point self-efficacy rating before and after the IPE activity. The assessment instrument measured increased student confidence in performing each IPEC Core Competency after participation in the classroom-based IPE activity involving pharmacy, dental, and dental hygiene students. These data suggest the instrument may be effective at measuring student self-efficacy on the IPEC Core Competencies in classroom-based IPE activities.


This session intends to engage participants in identifying assessment strategies for measuring student competency of the IPEC Core Competencies. Attendees will be able to describe a student self-efficacy framework to assess the IPEC Core Competencies in didactic-based IPE activities and identify opportunities for enhancing IPE assessment at their institution.