Lightning Talk

Design of an Interprofessional Education Database for Use by Administrators, Faculty and Students Across Different Health Science Schools

Tuesday, October 20, 2020, 12:05 pm - 1:05 pm EDT

The health science schools at the University of Michigan (U-M) have devoted considerable effort towards developing interprofessional education (IPE) offerings administered through the U-M Center for IPE to enable our student learners to learn about, from, and with each other so they are better prepared to achieve the quadruple aims in healthcare. As the number of IPE offerings has expanded, it has become increasingly challenging to manage information about our IPE offerings such as the type of experience offered, student learners involved, and IPE competencies addressed. Further, the information is not stored in a manner that enables ready visualization and reporting to our various stakeholders. We addressed this challenge by using informatics to design a database that captures essential data elements associated with each of our IPE offerings that are needed to visualize and report information specific to the needs of each of our constituent stakeholders - administrators, staff, faculty, and students - across all 10 of the U-M health science schools.


Our design work was informed by a set of constraints and the types of queries anticipated by stakeholders. Constraints included: (1) the database had to be easily maintained in spreadsheet format, and (2) each IPE offering had to be associated with a unique course identifier in the campus learning management system (Canvas) so that offering attributes could be associated with individual students, and, with IRB approval, with institutional student record data. We defined the data elements for each IPE offering needed to create data visualizations and reports for our various stakeholders using querying software (Tableau). To date, the database design is complete; we are now creating report and visualization formats for usability tests with stakeholders. In this talk, we will share the elements of our database that may be useful to others engaged in IPE.